Worship and Slaughter

by Forest Wars

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released September 23, 2016

Recorded with Bobby Leonard of Paper Tiger Studios



all rights reserved


Forest Wars Chillicothe, Ohio

Members of Two Prog. Metal bands come together to play their version of Hardcore.

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Track Name: Bitter Love
"Bitter Love"

The chorus to this song that I heard
Has been haunting me since this morning

I'm not going to cry anymore. I'm done with that.

You were always searching for a reason to hate me just so you didn't have to love me anymore

Does this taste as bitter to you as it did to me?
Track Name: Worship and Slaughter
"Worship and slaughter"

Paraded through town
As they hurl insults at my face
Chained to rocks and loyalty
I'm a figment of my mind
A king with a broken crown
stuck somewhere between being worshipped and slaughtered
Track Name: Hive
"Hive "
It built this hive
For all of us
I live to die
Like all of us
drink the nectar
Then build these walls
So they won't know
What goes on here

Set fire to this hive

Set fire to this hive and destroy everything around me.
Melt the walls and burn my skin. Anything so I don't have to feel this way again.
Track Name: Carry On
"Carry On"

I never wished death on anyone
Until I met you
Burning of bridges,hanging of friends
I'll cut all the ties
The conversations and photos taken
All will fade

A puppet
pulling strings
an empty house of things.
collecting dust.
No real care,
For us out here,
Just drifting lust.
revolving door,
revolving chamber,
Gun in your mouth.

Life of the party,
life of the night,
but dead all alone.
Knowing that,
I turn my back,
Keeping the knife intact.
Its a painful reminder
That I can't do anything
But carry on.
Track Name: Float Away
"Float away"

Just out of reach
The earth stands still

As I part from here

Your fingers graze mine
Today I choose to float away
From me
From all the things I do to me

Slightly out of touch
You fall behind
Today I choose to float away
From all the things I do to me

I let go